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Frequently Asked Questions



What Does the Hot Shot Do?

Through connection to the engineís cooling system, it heats the entire engine to race-ready temperature before the engine is even started.It also maintains temp between events to keep your engine race-ready all night.


Why Should I Pre-Heat My Engine?

Start-up wear is greatly reduced, meaning less chance of engine failure and lower engine rebuild costs over time.It also saves on fuel costs, as you donít need to let your machine sit and idle endlessly waiting for it to come up to temp.Another advantage is it lets your engine produce maximum hp as soon as you hit the track.


What Kind of Engines Will it Work On?

While geared towards sprint cars (thatís what we race), the Hot Shot will work on any liquid cooled engine.It works perfectly on Late Models, Modifieds, Midgets, Micro Sprints, etc.It could also be used on smaller engine applications with the proper forethought to the method of connection.


How Does it Connect to the Engine?

The supplied quick-disconnects can be easily connected to the cooling system in a variety of ways.See our Engine Hookup page for all the details.


Does This Thing Work?

Yes it works, and works quite well.It will heat a cold engine in a reasonable amount of time, and easily maintains temp all night.Typical initial heat cycle time for a sprint car engine is 75-90 minutes to get to 160-180 degrees.


Why is it So Cheap?

We are able to provide an economical price because of the bare-bones all-business design.We left out non-essential options like lighted panels, pressure gauges, thermostats etc.Additionally, we sell directly to our dealers, eliminating the markup by large distributors.


Is it Made in China?

No!Itís made in the USA by a couple racers who needed heaters themselves, and saw the marketís need for an economical engine heater.Regular guys, just like you!


How Does it Compare to Other Engine Heaters?

We make a point not to compare the Hot Shot to other heaters on the market.We provide you all the information possible on OUR heater, and let you make the comparison and decide which heater is best for you.In brief, the higher dollar heaters will heat a cold engine more quickly and have a few more features, however they require a bigger generator with 220v power and they cost more.


What do I Need to Use It?

Really all you need is a heavy 12-gauge extension cord and a generator that's at least 3500 watts with a 20 amp breaker (it runs from normal 120 volt power).The Hot Shot comes with the necessary quick-disconnect engine fittings.We also have optional accessories available such as extra engine fittings and our remote bracket if you so choose.


What if it Breaks?

We offer a 1-year replacement warranty on the heater and pump.So far durability has not been an issue, but should you experience a problem, be confident itís covered for the first year (you would need to provide the receipt showing the original purchase date).


How Do I Get One?

We encourage you to support your local speed shop and buy the Hot Shot there.If they donít carry itÖ.ask them to!You can also purchase via our website (Order button at the top of the home page), or we can direct you to one of our stocking dealers.