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Order  All Engine Heaters Come with Jiffy-Tite  Fittings As of  February 1ST


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Hot Shot Engine Heater

Come with JIFFY- Tite Fittings as of

February 1ST !!!


Hot Shot w/Engine Fittings:

Heater, one set of engine fittings with dust caps, instructions, and 1 year warranty.



Hot Shot Engine Heater - Aussie Model

Hot Shot w/Engine Fittings:


Aussie/NZ specific model - 240V / 50 Hz.




Option: Additional Engine Fittings

Fitting Type

For outfitting additional engines.  Available in steel or aluminum.  Dust caps included.


Fitting Type






Option: Remote Bracket - $50


CNC billet bracket locates the quick-disconnects in a more convenient spot than the engine block.  Run your own plumbing to the block, or buy our kit below.






Option: Plumbing Kit for

Remote Bracket - $115

Fitting Size for Block

All fittings & hoses needed to plumb our remote bracket.  All you do is cut the hoses to length and assemble. 







Option: Heavy Duty Extension Cord

Choose Length:

Be sure you’re using the right cord with your Hot Shot.  Available in 25 and 50 foot lengths, and with lighted ends, this is the hot ticket!





Engine Fitting Dust Caps

Dust Caps

        Dust Caps



Heating Element - $15


Heater Couplings 

Heater couplings


Pump - $65


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